FESTIVE COLLECTIVE is so much more than just a party store!

Founded in January 2017 by Angela Wator, owner of Bash Party Goods, Festive is a collaborative effort with two other amazing Chicago brands- Luft Balloons and Fun Cult.

In addition to running the happiest shop of all time, we also host a variety of crafting workshops, pop-up markets, and large community parties. Follow us on Instagram for the latest event announcements, and join us for the next one!



In 2015, Angela Wator used her background in illustration, design, and visual merchandising to create BASH Party Goods, a funky, modern party and paper brand. Her rapidly growing line is now found in hundreds of the coolest shops around the world.

Angela works on her designs from the front of Festive most days of the week, so pop in to ask her all your party questions!

She lives in Oak Park with her partner Jeramy, two goofball daughters, and one grumpy old bulldog. On her day off, she can be found renovating the family's 1896 Victorian and traveling whenever possible.

Caitlin has been making handmade goods since 2005. You may have spotted her in the early Renegade Craft Fairs under the name Nice, perhaps you scooped up one of her Mini Deer Plaques or banners made with vintage fabrics. After the successful launch of the Fringe Banner in 2010, Nice evolved into FUN CULT around 2012. To date, these handmade sparkly banners are a best seller and have been glittering in thousands of homes and parties across the world.
After residing in various parts of Chicago throughout 10 years, Caitlin has been living in the western suburbs since 2012. She and her boyfriend currently share a 600 sq ft living space with tons of natural light and high ceilings. She enjoys being just a 10 minute drive from family and is a super proud Auntie, an extremely grateful kidney transplant recipient (yup, ask her about it), and a lover of sunny days spent at a good flea market or someplace on lake Michigan (preferably in Michigan). Catch her always checking to see what’s playing on TCM, and although she's perfected homemade movie theater popcorn, she’s somehow been able to curb that habit.

In 2016, Elaine Frei decided the simple balloon could use a revamp and figured out a way to create custom color balloons. She has since transformed how we see balloons and color. From that grew an intense fascination with using balloons as a medium for large three-dimensional art. Now with a thriving EVENTS side, she has launched the HELIUM SHOP which offers a carefully crafted curation of deliciously colorful balloons.

Elaine has vowed to live LUFT’s mantra, “Bring the joy!” and splits her time between being a real human being and an entrepreneur. When she’s not brainstorming a new color creation or installation you can find her exploring this beautiful city of Chicago with her partner Alex and three (young!!) bundles of joy Harrison (6), Penelope (4) and Poppie (2)…and probably drinking wine.