BASH x Chris Uphues - Happy Trees Gift Wrap
$ 12.00

BASH x Chris Uphues - Happy Trees Gift Wrap

We're extremely excited to release this limited edition collaboration with our friend and renowned artist Chris Uphues! 

Uphues is a Chicago-born artist and designer best known for his signature hearts that can be found wheat pasted and in murals throughout New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. After years of gallery work, street art, and international collaborations with clothing and beauty brands, Chris teamed up with his wife and business partner, Jen Koehl, to create an
 irresistibly friendly product line with a cult following, Beautiful Days. 

- Each roll contains three identical 20" x 28" sheets

- Designed in Chicago and made in the USA

- Printed on thick #70 text-weight paper 

- Paper is wrapped on a hard, custom-made core and shrink wrapped to prevent wrinkling