Paper Mâché Ghosty Workshop with Syd Veverka

Paper Mâché Ghosty Workshop with Syd Veverka

Festive Collective

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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10th 7:00-9:30PM

Come craft your Halloween decor with everyone's favorite Ghosty maker, Syd Veverka! We’ll have Halloween treats and drinks to enjoy as Syd walks you through the basics of paper mâché ghost building. You'll shape your own Ghosty, paint him, and finish him off with the expression of your choice! Every guest will go home with a finished Ghosty, a “how-to” zine, plus a surprise ghost-themed craft! 


This workshop is bound to get messy, so feel free to bring a smock or apron (or wear your grungy painting clothes)!

About the Artist:  Syd Veverka is a Chicago based artist known for her crazy cool murals and colorful illustrations, and she recently published an amazing book, Things To Do Before A Monday! If you've been in Festive Collective, you've likely seen her work for sale in the form of gift wrap or art prints, or even hanging in our windows. You can check out more of her art at and on instagram at @sydveverka!